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Oneshot - Handle With Care

Title: Handle With Care
Pairing: Changmin/Yunho
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Changmin is up to something in his room...
970 words.
A/N: For [info]savedby_music as part of our 'trade'. Hope you like it, darling! :) ♥

"What're you doing?"

"Holy f-" Changmin jumps a little in his seat, startled from the sudden voice that came from behind him, and turns around. "Oh my god. Don't do that. Ever."

Yunho chuckles, "Ok," and makes his way towards Changmin. "What are you doing?"

"No, don't step into this room! Get out! Go away, go go goooo!" the younger man whines and tries to push the leader out of the bedroom door.

"What? But why?!"

"Because!" and the magnae slams the door in Yunho's face.

"Changmin!!!" Yunho bangs on the door, but there is no reply.

A bit heartbroken, Yunho trails to the living room where Yoochun and Jaejoong are sprawled on the couch, lying on top of each other, chatting.

"Guys, any of you know what Changmin's up to?"

"Nope," they say.

"Huh..." Yunho sighs.

"Watching porn?" Jaejoong suggests.

"Very possible," Yoochun muses.

"Probably it," Jaejoong nods.

"Jerking off in the process."

"Moaning Yunho's name over and over and over again," the oldest says in a low voice.

"Oh Yunho~ Yunho~ Your cock~ It's- it's so.... big~ Unf unf unf." Yoochun imitates.

"Guys," Yunho deadpans.

"Please~ Yunho, Yunho~" Jaejoong moans, clawing at Yoochun's shirt. "I need you, want you, I-I-"

"Guys. Stop it."

They laugh, punching playfully at Yunho's arm, "Only kidding, Yunhoyah."

He smirks, "Yeah, whatever. It's not that funny."

"Your smile there says otherwise." Jaejoong laughs.

"Ok, shut up. Seriously, though. No idea what he's up to?"

"Well, obviously," Yoochun says.

"But it's very likely that he's watching porn. Just saying," Jaejoong shrugs.

"Man, now I got gross HoMin sex images in my head," Yoochun gags.

"Pretty hot, huh?" Yunho jokes.

"Totally," Jaejoong says. "But Soulmate sex will always be hotter. Right, Yoochun?"

"Oh, baby, you know it," he says in English, which is a big turn on for the other.

So the couple proceeds to bite each other's face off with their mass make-out session.

Yunho sighs, then leaves the room to find Junsu.

He finds him in his room, on the phone, probably Junho, talking about... twin stuff.

"Yeah, hold on, hyung," Junsu says to Junho. "Need something, Yunho?"

"Uh. Not really, I was just wondering if you knew what Changmin might be doing in his room."

"...Um... Watching porn?"

Yunho shakes his head, "No, I'm pretty sure he wasn't."

"Oh. Well, I don't know, hyung. Sorry." Junsu shrugs.

"Yeah, that's alright. Tell Junho I said hi," Yunho says and walks out of the room.

So what could Changmin be doing?

"Changminah..." Yunho knocks on the door. "Are you mad at me?"

The door opens two seconds later with Changmin wide-eyed and worried.

"No! I'm not mad at you, don't get the wrong idea, Yunho." Changmin says and hugs the other man.

Yunho hugs back and smiles. "Ok. But why won't you let me in?"

"I'm... making something... for you," the younger man says, hand scratching his head and blushing.

Yunho's heart melts into a puddle from the cute sight. "But what's the occasion?"

Last time Yunho checked, it wasn't getting near their anniversary and it definitely wasn't his birthday.

"No occasion. Just felt like making something." Changmin shrugs.

"Oh. What is it?"

"I'm not done yet... But if you want, you can sit on the bed and wait for me to finish?"


"But no peeking." Changmin states and pokes Yunho hard in the chest.

"Yes, sir."

Yunho sits at the far side of the bed and waits while Changmin works at his desk. It always makes him proud and happy when seeing him so hard at work, concentrated and trying his best at whatever he aims to do. And especially with the thought that Changmin's working so hard for him, he's even happier.

"Ok! I'm done!" Changmin smiles and brings the gift to Yunho in a box. "For you."

"Aww, thank you, Changminnie." Yunho smiles so big it looks like it might hurt.

"Open it! I hope you like it," the magnae says, a bit uncertain.

"I love it already, Changmin." He says and opens the box.

Yunho gasps. He finds a hand-stitched elephant the size of a football. It's a patch-work elephant, with blue and pink and gray pieces of fabric stitched together and a red heart on the middle of the body.

"Changmin..." Yunho says.

"Oh no, you hate it don't you. I'm sorry, I'll chuck it and make you another one. Argh, I shouldn't have given it to you. Stupid, stupid, stupid-"

"Changmin, I love it. I just have no words right now because this is just so amazing and... Changmin, I love you."

The younger man's gaze softens and he smiles while making his way onto Yunho's lap and into his arms. "Well, I love you too, Yunhoyah. I love you so much."

Yunho kisses Changmin on the cheek and laces their fingers together.

"Wait," he says. "Your fingers-"

"Oh, it's no big deal. Just got poked by the needle a few times," Changmin waves it off.

"They must hurt..." Yunho says and his heart hurts a bit now. He kisses each finger, one by one and puts the beautiful pair of hands to his cheeks. "If you hurt yourself, you shouldn't have continued..."

"It's ok, I'm fine."

"I was planning to do all these things to you, too... But now that you're hurt..."

"What kind of things?" Changmin asks, raising an eyebrow.

"I'd show you, but you're injured."

"Yunho, I'm fine. Just handle me carefully, then," he smiles.

Yunho wraps his arms around Changmin like soft silk, protecting the fragile bundle in his arms, and they both land softly on the bed.


Masterlist: here

Tags: fandom: tvxq, length: oneshot
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