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Drabble - Smile For Me

Title: Smile For Me
Pairing: Yoochun/Jaejoong
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff; AU
Summary: At the preschool, Yoochun falls off the monkey bars.
277 words.
A/N: A follow-up drabble to That's Love , a preschool!verse. This one's for [info]mitzuki_chan (as usual) because she's the most awesome person ever. :) And special mention to [info]rina_ah for helping out. :D And of course, what could I ever do without [info]coffeemilk23? You all rock, stay amazing. :)

The day Yoochun falls off from the monkey bars is the day Jaejoong first sees the boy cry. Big, fat tears stream down Yoochun's round cheeks and his lips quiver slightly, with hands outstretched and scrapes across his arms, wailing loudly and helplessly. Jaejoong has never liked it when others cried. It made him feel sad, too. And seeing Yoochun cry made Jaejoong hurt, but he didn't understand how that happened. He wasn't the one that fell down.

Jaejoong automatically rushed by Yoochun's side and picked him up.

"I-it h-h-hurts," Yoochun sobbed.

"My mommy said that you have to clean the part where it hurts, 'cause it's dirty. So let's go wash up, ok?" Jaejoong said carefully to the younger boy and examined the scratches. It did look pretty painful.

"I-I don't w-wanna," Yoochun wailed louder.

Jaejoong gently took Yoochun's hand. "You have to. It'll stop hurting after you do. Really! I tried before."

Yoochun pouts and he isn't sure if he believes his hyung.

"Do you trust me, Yoochunnie?" Jaejoong asks.

Yoochun nods slowly. "Y-yeah..."

"It won't hurt. Believe hyung," he smiles.

"Mm..." the other sniffs. "I-I believe you, hyung."

"Then let's go wash up. I'll give you my cookie from my lunch box, ok? It's chocolate chip," Jaejoong offers
and reaches his hand out.

Yoochun smiles and nods more eagerly. "Ok, I like chocolate chip."

Jaejoong wipes away the tears with his fingers. "I think I have a Mickey Mouse band-aid. You want to use it later?"

The younger boy laughs, "Yes."

"Don't cry anymore, ok?" Jaejoong hugs him.

"Ok, I won't." Yoochun hugs back. "Thank you, Jaejoong hyung. I love you."

"I love you, too, Yoochun." Jaejoong ruffled the other's hair.

Comments are appreciated and greatly loved. :)

Tags: fandom: tvxq, length: drabble
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