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Oneshot - If I Close My Eyes

Title: If I Close My Eyes
Pairing: Yoochun/Jaejoong
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst to Fluff
364 words.
A/N: For coffeemilk23because I haven't in a while. I love you, dork! :) ♥!

You find yourself lonely at night. Tossing and turning, tangling yourself into the blanket but the bed sheets remain cold beneath your fingertips. It doesn't feel right, like a misplaced piece in the puzzle. Dong Bang Shin Ki isn't under one roof and Jaejoong isn't snoring softly in the bed next to yours. Empty, that's what this feeling's called. All different, dark, and unwelcoming. The tick-tocking of clocks strike heavily with every second, hour, dragging by like a ladened boulder. You push and push at it— this load of burdens, a weight of exhaustion— but when you look back, you realize that you're not going anywhere at all, still standing on the same spot, still awake.

Shadows creep above you, trying to steal your soul with outreached, eager hands. You pull the covers over your head and shut your eyes. But they are still there when you close them, imprinted silhouettes on the back of your eyelids, refusing to leave.

You jump out of bed and rush to the front door, stuffing your car keys into your right pocket. A drive, that's what you'll do. To take your mind off of the ghosts and nightmares that haunt you every waking hour of the night.

Neon lights flash by, one after the other, like a warm glimpse of hope that fills you up for a split second— then it's gone. Replaced by stabs of ice through the heart, numbing you gradually towards hypothermia. Pain, but you can't feel it after a while, an anesthetic.

You stop in front of the familiar apartment building.

Home— and the ice melts away. You step through the door and already your heart feels lighter.

'Jaejoong-ah,' you whisper once you step into your old bedroom. 'Jaejoong-ah...'

He doesn't answer but you lift the covers and slip in beside him anyway. You wrap your arms around his thin waist carefully, lips placed at the base of his neck. He turns around and faces you with sleepy eyes and a soft smile.

'Yoochunnie,' he whispers and places a light kiss on your forehead. 'Couldn't sleep?'

'Yeah,' you say and close your eyes. 'But I can now.'

I'll meet you in my dreams.


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Tags: fandom: tvxq, length: oneshot
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