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Oneshot - Wish I Was A Penguin

Title: Wish I Was A Penguin
Focus: Leeteuk
Rating: G
710 words.
Genre: Crack
A/N: For mitzuki_chanwho gave me the prompt to work with. Also: I fail at crack. :) So don't kill me for abrupt endings and bad bad crack.

“Hyung…” Yesung rushed over to Leeteuk, worried and frustrated, “where’s the band-aid? I can’t seem to find one anywhere.”

Leeteuk looked up from the magazine he was currently reading and a concerned frown came upon his face, “Why? What happened?”

“Ryeowook, he-“

The frantic leader jumped up from the couch and ran towards the magnae’s room.

“Wookie! What’s wrong?”

Ryeowook sat on the edge of the bed, holding his arm. “Oh, hi hyung. Do you have a band-aid?”

“What’d you do?” Leeteuk asked.

A slight blush swept across the younger man’s face. “I got stuck in the fridge.”


Ryeowook smiled at the older man's blank look and repeated himself, “The fridge, hyung. I got stuck in the fridge.”

Yesung chuckled, a bit unsure. “Yeah, I didn’t know that was even possible either.”

“But… how?”

“Lunch hour rush.”

It didn’t make much sense to him so he just walked away and brushed it off.

A few weeks later, when the incident was quickly forgotten and Hankyung was cooking something amazingly delicious in the kitchen, Shindong called everyone for lunch. Leeteuk rushed to where the Chinese chef was to help out, setting up the table and getting plates.

“Can you grab me some kimchi in the fridge, hyung?” Hankyung asked, busy frying rice.


Leeteuk blamed Hankyung’s amazing cooking because within three seconds, all the Super Junior members rushed into the kitchen to see what was making their mouth salivate like a leaky faucet. The leader had just opened the refrigerator and eleven people decided it would be a nice idea to hoard into the tiny cramped space with ‘I wanna have a taste!’ and ‘Hankyung-ah, what’d you add in there? That smells really good’.

Major shoving, pushing, soon resulted in the leader, who currently had the fridge open (no one seemed to notice that), pushed right into it. The door closed and his elbows got scraped by the shelves and then… someone turned off the lights.

He was pushed against jars (his head was probably going to bruise) and there was something extremely sticky under his foot (he’d prefer it if he didn’t know what it was) but at least the cabbage made a nice seat… sort of. Leeteuk rested his bum against it until he found it comfortable. He was pushing against the door but it wouldn’t budge no matter how hard he tried. After a minute or two, it started getting freakishly cold, reminding him of Antarctica and the scary snow storms they have there. Not that he’s ever been in his entire life… but he trusted Discovery Channel that it’d probably be this cold. He began wishing that he was a penguin, so he could at least brace the harshness of snow and biting winds. (Discovery Channel had a mysterious way of making people wish they were animals.) The cabbage began itching his butt soon after and Sungmin’s stupid squash kept stabbing him in the neck. Leader-sshi has lost all his patience.

“Yah! Open up!” The poor leader screamed and pounded but, of course, no one heard him.

You couldn’t really blame him though. He was stuck in a fridge. Even if the members noticed that he wasn’t there, who would actually think, ‘Hey! Let’s check the fridge because, of course, people get stuck in there often!’


Unless you were Ryeowook.

“Hyung!” he said when he opened the door. “Oh my god, you got stuck too?”

Leeteuk failed to speak properly and stumbled out of the ice box with icicles hanging down his nose.

“Band-aids!” Ryeowook screamed to Yesung. “I need band-aids!”

Yesung returned with an armful of band-aids along with the search-and-rescue party, which consisted of Donghae and Kibum because they were the only ones who cared. (It was just Donghae who cared but no one trusted him to do anything alone.)

“Hyung, YOU GOT STUCK IN A FRIDGE?” Donghae gasped with wide eyes and a look of awe on his face. Then proceeded to make his way to the refrigerator and tried to climb in.

Kibum trailed over and pulled him away, lecturing him on the use of refrigerators. “They’re for storing food, not people.”

Leeteuk sighed. Now he really wished he was a penguin. At least he wouldn’t have to live with crazy people nor be shoved into refrigerators.


Comments are greatly appreciated! :)
Tags: fandom: super junior, length: oneshot
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